About Us

Delivering a service to customers that is simply better


  • Understand what the customer wants, know how to meet it, surpass it and sustain it
  • Deliver a level of service that is clearly better than competitors
  • Always be respectful of the customer; meet and greet them properly
  • Provide an environment that is safe and relaxing for all customers
  • Present top class products for sale at the right price
  • Do not compromise on standards expected by the customer

Corporate social responsibility


  • Be responsible in all business decisions
  • Treat customers, staff and other stakeholders with the utmost respect and dignity
  • Build trust with everyone – believe in us
  • Treat everyone equitably and fairly
  • We do what we say we do
  • Offer value to our customers
  • Respect Bahrain and its environment
  • Deal with suppliers and partners who promote CSR in a positive manner

Lead by example; honesty and integrity


  • Show leadership through your behaviour
  • Expect from others only what you expect from yourself
  • Treat people as you would like to be treated
  • Communicate clearly and honestly at all times
  • Develop collective capability
  • Champion standards and results
  • Driving ultimate performance
  • Inspire and motivate

Embracing change and continuous self – improvement


  • Flexible in approach to work
  • Adapt to the environment and culture
  • Never stand still
  • Not happy to just survive
  • Take on challenges and resolve them
  • Serious problems are opportunities
  • Can be even better – the best
  • Learn from mistakes

Team spirit & great place to work


  • Involved in the company – committed
  • Understand your place in the organisation
  • Feel part of the team and the culture
  • Involves others in the organisation
  • Makes others welcome
  • Open, warm, engaging and positive
  • Do what you can to make it a positive and rewarding workplace
  • We achieve more when we work together

Try to innovate


  • Be prepared to try something different
  • Apply logic, rationale and intelligence
  • Believe in yourself
  • Can do attitude
  • Share information to make better decisions
  • Break down barriers to success
  • Evaluate everything
  • Take critical feedback on board
  • Results driven