Bahrain Duty Free provides a customer-focused shopping experience that embodies convenience, selection, and continued innovation for customers travelling through Bahrain International Airport. From the very beginning, Bahrain Duty Free set out with a vision to enhance private and personalised shopping experiences, offering the most diverse range of brands and curated concepts to ensure that every individual is catered to.

Coming to life during some of the most difficult years in recent times, Bahrain Duty Free has one goal: to discern the different leisure and shopping needs of all travellers. It has successfully achieved this – and continues to – with the right merchandising mix. We are now one of the most inclusive spaces in world-class global travel retail, and home to the widest range of brands. Bahrain Duty Free brings high-street, upscale, bespoke, and luxury under one roof – there really is something for everyone.

We recognise that shopping is a fun part of international travel. Most travellers will use this opportunity to stock up on their favourite products. Keeping this in mind, Bahrain Duty Free has created a retail space with a twist. Carefully analysing data about our clientele’s shopping behaviours, Bahrain Duty Free has its finger on the pulse. Whether it’s luxury apparel, high-street beauty buys, or local-themed gifts, we have a unique window into a broad range of consumer wants and needs in global travel retail.

Our core values are at the heart of Bahrain Duty Free. These include:

Integrity is the foundation on which we build relationships and trust. To have integrity means we are self-aware, accountable, responsible, and truthful.

By empowerment, we as a group become stronger and more confident which enables us to feel self-empowered and take control of the company’s future vision.
Our teamwork is a collaborative effort which we implement every day as a group, so that we can achieve our common goals in the most effective and efficient way.

We strive for a sustainable future for our people, customers and communities. We place sustainability at the heart of how we work, and what we buy and sell. We aim to manage our environmental footprint, responsibly source our products and support our team and wider communities through meaningful initiatives and events. We believe that us doing the right thing should sit lightly on the planet.

In short, the importance of leadership lies with us all in our abilities to get things done. Leadership allows us all to communicate clearly and spear ahead with creative, and forward-thinking solutions. Ensuring an agile and supportive workplace culture empowers us to deliver excellence in all aspects of the business with purpose and passion, paving the way for personal and professional growth for our people and the company.


To be a truly customer focused travel retail company, to be a great place to work and to be the premier travel retailer in the Middle East.


To win and keep customers by offering the best of Bahraini hospitality and a simply better shopping experience.

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