With our FREE Shop & Collect Service, you can shop in Departures before you fly, and collect your purchases on return from your trip. You don’t have to worry about weight restrictions or towing your shopping around. We will securely pack and store your items, free of charge, and keep them ready for you to collect when you arrive back into to Bahrain. Simply let one of our Bahrain Duty Free team at the checkout area know that you would like to collect your items on arrival, and they will be happy to assist you. Shop & Collect is a service that is available to all passengers who are returning to Bahrain after their trip.

When you chose to use Shop & Collect Service, you will get an SMS with a unique PIN. You will need this PIN and the receipt of you purchase to collect your good. Make sure to keep the receipt with you, it will be needed to collect your purchase. Upon your return to Bahrain, you can collect your order from one of the following collection points:

The Arrival Shop, in the Arrival Hall. Where you can pick up your purchased items from the dedicated lockers, using the PIN and the Barcode on your receipt. Or you can provide our team at a Duty-Free Shop with your order details, and they will bring your order to you.

In Awal Terminal your order will be waiting for you with the Hala Bahrain Duty Manager.

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